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June 5
Fill in the Worksheets while doing the Gizmo: Rainfall and Bird Beaks at the link. If you don't know your username and/or password contact me and I can look it up.

Gizmo: Rainfall and Bird Beaks
Worksheet: Rainfall and Bird Beaks - Microsoft Word Format
Worksheet: Rainfall and Bird Beaks - PDF Format

May 12
Answer two of the three questions at the link below in order to practice for the Chapter 16 Test.
Please submit your answers to me.
If you haven't told me what invertebrate you are doing for the project please select one and let me know.

Chapter 16 Test Questions

May 11
Cut out the statements about evolution from the pdf and place them on the sheet under the heading fact or fiction.
Send me a photo of the sheet when you are done.
Choose three that you said were false and explain why and what is true instead.Please submit this also.
There will be a test on Evolution on Monday May 18.
Invertebrate Projects will be due on May 22.

Evolution Fact or Fiction

May 5
You will be doing a project on an invertebrate. Each student needs to report on a different invertebrate that they selected.
Do some research today to select an invertebrate that you are interested in researching.
The link for Project: Invertebrate gives the requirements for the project.
The video link has videos on various types of invertebrates. If you watch one and take notes it may be used as a reference.

At the link select and watch the video that is about the invertebrate that you chose for the project. Take notes from the video and this can be one of the references for your project.

World's Most Awesome Invertebrate
Project: Invertebrate

May 4 - May the Fourth Be With You
Complete and submit any assignments that you owe.

May 1
Watch the two videos below about the formation of new species.
Submit a paragraph titled Speciation that is at least 6 sentences.

Video: Speciation
Video: Formation of New Species by Speciation

April 30
Fill in the Worksheets while doing the Gizmo: Rainfall and Bird Beaks at the link. If you don't know your username and/or password contact me and I can look it up.

Gizmo: Rainfall and Bird Beaks - Use Class Enrollment code GQ5M4J
Worksheet: Rainfall and Bird Beaks - Microsoft Word Format
Worksheet: Rainfall and Bird Beaks - PDF Format

April 29
Complete the Kahoot: Darwin's Theory at the link below. Enter your real name to get credit. No nicknames.

Kahoot: Darwin's Theory of Evolution

April 28
Complete the practice Chapter 16 Test below. Use you books and notes. Contact me if you can't find the answer to a question.

Worksheet: Practice Test - Ch 16

April 27
Print out the Natural Selection Worksheet
Fill it out as you do the Gizmo
If you enrolled previously and you have forgotten your username and/or password, email me and I can look them up for you.
Send me a copy of you results for Activity B

Natural Selection
Worksheet: Natural Selection/Microsoft Word Format
Worksheet: Natural Selection/PDF Format

April 24
Complete the crossword puzzle at the link below. Click submit when you have completed the puzzle. If you are using a device without a keyboard and a keyboard doesn't come up, click on the
keyboard icon near the top of the page.

Crossword: Darwin's Theory of Evolution

April 23
Watch the videos at the links below. You do not need to submit any work.
Video: 12 Days of Evolution Series
Video: Galapagos Finch Evolution

April 22
Write notes while listening to the recording: Evidence of Evolution. Also, read Evidence of Evolution in your textbook pages 465 through 473.

Video: Evidence Of Evolution

April 21
Complete the worksheet at the link below. When it asks for email or name enter your real first and last name. The password you make for yourself (remember or save password for future use.).
When you are done click on hand in work and then confirm hand in work so that I can see your work and give you credit.

Worksheet: Darwin's Theory

April 20
Write notes while listening to the recording at the link. In addition, read Darwin Presents his Case on pages 460 through 464 in your textbook.

Video:Darwin's Theory

April 8
Today students should do any work that they owe. Remember it is the end of the marking period.
If you have all the assignments turned in I thank you for keeping up with your school work.
Enjoy the Easter break.

April 7
Read pages 454 through 459 and write notes while listening to the notes recording at the link below.

Video-Scientists Who Influenced Darwin

April 6
Complete today's test on DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis at the link below.

Online Test – DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis

April 3
I will be holding an online review for the DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis Test on zoom.
Please use link below to join the meeting at the designated time.

8th Grade Regents Science Zoom Meeting at 1:30pm:
Meeting ID: 113 382 606

April 2
Listen to the video The Making of a Theory at the link and write a paragraph.
Include in your paragraph the significance of some of the organisms mentioned.
Test Monday on DNA,RNA,and Protein Synthesis
Zoom class tomorrow to review for test. You will receive an email inviting you to Zoom.

Video: The Making of a Theory

April 1
Write notes while listening to Darwin's Voyage recorded at the link below.
Read pages 450 through 453 in your textbook and answer the 16.1 Assessment on page 353.
You do not need to submit the assessment.

Video: Darwin's Voyage

March 31
Today's assignment is a practice online test. The questions are from your previous test. The test will not be graded it is for a completion grade only. It is to get you familiar with the
process and to see if there are any problems with testing program. To login use your last name and your password is your house number.

Practice Test – Introduction to Genetics

March 30
Today's assignment is to review the constructed response questions that will be on the DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis test. Do not submit the answers this is for your study benefit only. You
will need to answer two of the following.

1. Describe the structure of the DNA molecule.
2. Describe the ways RNA differs from DNA.
3. Describe the different types of mutations.
4. Describe how the lac operon works.

March 27 - Update
For the crossword puzzle if your ipad does not have a keyboard one will pop up. If you can not see it touch the keyboard icon at the top. To begin typing you have to touch the puzzle where
you want to enter a word. If you are worried about whether the puzzle submitted print it out. Do not submit it multiple times. I have many multiple submissions from the same people.

March 27
For today's crossword puzzle if you are using an ipad a keyboard doesn't pop up. You need to use the attached keyboard on the inside of the front cover on the ipad. Message me if you have any

March 27
For yesterday's Gizmos: Explore Learning lessons students receive full credit as long as they completed the evaluation questions on the site. The evaluation questions are found by scrolling
below the lesson. RNA and Protein synthesis was for review. The Human Karyotyping was there because it was lab day. Last year the students had to hand cut and paste the chromosomes to
complete a lab on karyotyping. I thought that was too tedious and that this would be a good substitute. RNA and Protein Synthesis will be on the test but, karyotyping will not.

Today please review by doing the crossword at the link below. You may have the site check your answers for errors as you fill in the puzzle. To see your errors highlighted go to the upper
left hand corner under controls and click on show errors. You click on a square to begin entering answers. If you do the puzzle on the ipad use the attached keyboard that is inside the front
cover.The puzzle has to be completely filled in before it will allow you to submit. You may also, print out a copy when you finish in case it doesn't submit.

On Mon from 9 until noon the school will be open for you to pick up supplies. I will be leaving cups and small bags of potting soil for your bean seed to use when they need planting. They
will be outside the main office.

Crossword Puzzle

March 26
Today you will be doing two Gizmos that are Science simulations. One is RNA and Protein Synthesis and the other is Human Karyotyping.You will find them at the link below. First you will need
to register at the site. You need to have a username and password; please write that down and keep it somewhere for future use. The class enrollment code is GQ5M4J. Please read the Student
Exploration Sheets for the activities. These do not need to be submitted to me; they are for your use because they explain how the simulations work and guide you through it. They and the
vocabulary sheets can be added to your Science binder. Please complete the evaluation questions below the simulation.When it asks you about classes of chromosomes they go from largest to
smallest.Note in the Human Karyotyping activity you have to move one chromosome from each pair over above its number before you pick up or move its match. You do not need to do all the
subjects.If you have any problems contact me.

Enrollment Instructions
Class Link use code GQ5M4J

These documents are available in Microsoft Word format or PDF format - you choose

RNA Protein Synthesis Vocab
* Word format
* PDF Format

RNA Protein Synthesis Student Exploration Guide
* Word Format
* PDF Format

Human Karyotyping Vocab
* Word Format
* PDF Format

Human Karyotyping Student Exploration Guide
* Word Format
* PDF Format

March 25
Complete the Chapter 13 test as an assignment. You may use your notes and book. Type your answers into the homework submit. Do not email me a photograph. I am getting too many dark and/or
blurry photographs. If you cannot use the homework submit then type your answers into a document.

Chapter 13 Test

About caring for your bean plant. The number one thing that will kill the bean is too much moisture. The bean will rot and/or grow mold and die. Do not add water to the bag. If there is
moisture condensing inside the bag open it and gently with out disturbing the bean wipe off the inside of the bag to get rid of moisture. The bean does best if hung up. Do not tape to walls
and ruin your parent's paint job. Ask them where you can hang it up. One idea is on the outside of the refrigerator door. You do not need to take the bean out of the bag to observe it, that
may damage it. If the bean is already dead or you think it may be dying than start the spare one I gave you. Before throwing out the dead bean take the opportunity to examine the inside of
the bean. Gently separate the two sides of the seed(this means it is a dicot) and you should be able to see the tiny plant embryo inside. You should see tiny leaves inside the seed. The beans
do not need sun yet, they have food stored inside the seed. They don't need sunlight until the leaves develop.If you haven already please email me a photo of your bean. Email me if you have
any other questions.
If you haven't

March 24
Be sure that you are observing your seed and recording dated observations that include measurements of growth, descriptions and drawings. You
should do
about 3 a week. Today please email me a photograph of your bean so I can see how they are progressing.

Test Monday March 30 on Chapters 12 and 13: DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis.
Since yesterdays assignment went up late if you need today to finish it that is fine. Be sure that you do take down the notes in my video
understanding them will be important for the test. It would be a good idea to copy the diagrams because there are very similar diagrams on the

New assignment, which is due by tomorrow at 2:45, Write notes while watching the video on Karyotyping at the link below. Then write a
paragraph titled
Karyotype of at least 6 sentence (more will earn extra points).

Video: Karyotype

March 23 - Update 2
There are two kahoots today at DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis pin number 0822262 and Mutations pin number 0825760

March 23 - Update
Write notes while watching the video at the link below that reviews DNA and RNA. Also, check back later for an additional kahoot challenge.
Video: DNA and RNA Review

March 23
Today's lesson will be late. Check back later.

March 20 - Update 3
If you have trouble with the kahoot link go to and use the pin numbers, DNA 0193400 and Gene Expression 0585473
You may retry if your score is low.

March 20 - Update 2
The Cincinnati Zoo is do a Home Safari with a different animal each day. It is live at 3:00 but, you can watch the recordings at the link
below. They
are entertaining and very educational. So far they have done the following animals: sloth, ocelot, porcupine and hippo. Please check it out.
Link to the site

March 20 - updated
Today's assignment is to play a kahoot, DNA and Protein Synthesis.
When it asks for a nickname enter your real first and last name so I can see that you have completed the assignment.
Click here to start.
You have until 11pm tonight to complete this challenge.
** Additional kahoot, Gene Expression **
Click here to start.
You have until 11pm tonight to complete this challenge. Good Luck.

March 19 - addition
Please watch the video at the link and write the notes which we previously started under the heading Advances in Genetics.

Genetic Engineering video

March 19
I wanted to let you all know that you did your transcription and translation properly during last weeks's lab and I will be emailing you an
sheet about the protein this made ( remember there were five different proteins). More to follow later today.

March 18
We were supposed to have the test on DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis. I am working on an online test but it isn't ready yet so we are taking a
bit of a
break from that topic and will work on plants. See the assignment below.

Watch the videos at the links below.
After viewing, complete this Worksheet: Cross Section of a Leaf.
Please give me numbers that correspond to the listed structures (a-m).
Also, please give a brief description of the purpose of each part.
Do not send me a picture of the worksheet.
Instead, Submit the answers for this assignment using the link on the upper right corner of this page called Submit Homework.
Be sure to include the title of the assignment.
You may want to print out the worksheet for your notes.

Biology - Leaf Structure
Plant Structure and Adaptations

March 17
Please watch the videos at the links below. You do not need a paragraph but, email or message me a brief review. Did they help clarify the
process? Are
there any questions you still have about transcription, translation and protein synthesis? Also, please take a photo of you flower diagram and
email it
to me.

Transcription and Translation Video

From DNA to Protein Video

March 17
Zoom will not begin until further notice.
The flower structure is on page 696 of your text book. The carpel will be called the pistil in some references or books. The part not in you
book is the receptacle which is the thickened part of the stem. When coloring your flower you do not have to match the book. If you did not
record an observation of your bean seed yesterday please do so today. There will be an additional assignment so check later this afternoon.

March 16
If you didn't pick up your bean you should do so tomorrow. The building will be open from 9 until noon and I will be available in the Science
Recorded observations of your bean will be graded. Also, be sure that you have a Biology textbook at home or pick one up.

Jan. 8
Write a paragraph about video on Stem Cells. Also p. 300 and p. 301 1 through 21 odd.

Jan. 7
Complete crossword puzzle: Cell Growth and Division: Chapter 10, due tomorrow Jan. 8

Jan. 6
Write a paragraph about the Ameoba Sisters videos:The Cell Cycle and Mitosis

Dec. 18
Read pages 284 through 290 and complete Regulating the Cell Cycle. Also, DNA word search

Dec. 17
Read pages 279 to 283 and complete The Process of Cell Division

Dec 16
Read pages 274 to 278 and on page 278 complete 1 and 2 of the assessment.

Dec. 9
Study for tomorrow's test on Cellular Respiration and Fermentation

Chapter 9 practice test

Dec. 3
Crossword puzzle: Cellular Respiration and Fermentation, due Dec. 4

Read pages 262 through 265 and complete the Assessment on page 265 1 through 3, due tomorrow Dec. 3

Nov **
At parent/teacher conferences I spoke to several parents that wanted to be added to the remind system so they can be notified of up coming
tests. If you wish to be added to the remind system, please email me
with your name, the students name, grade level and a parent cell phone number that can receive text
Note: This must be a parent cell number. This system is not permitted to send text message to children.

Study for tomorrow's test on Chapter 8: Photosynthesis

Nov. 18
Finish practice test questions.

Oct. 29
Study for tomorrow's test on Chapter 7: Cell Structure and Function

Oct. 28
Study for Wednesday's test on Chapter 7, Cell Structure and Function

Oct. 24
Answer three essay questions on Chapter 7 practice test, due tomorrow Oct. 24

Oct. 16
Study for tomorrows test on Chapter Two

Oct. 7
Paragraph about video - Microscopes or Cell Structure, due tomorrow Oct. 8

Oct. 2
Pages 56 and 57 10 to 28 even,answer in sentences, due Oct 3

Sept. 30
Read pages 45 through 49 to complete the fill in sheet. Also, complete the Assessment on page 49

Sept. 25
Read pages 32 through 38 and do the Assessment on page 38 1 through 5

Sept. 10
Science in Context due Wednesday Sept 11

Sept. 9
For four lab expectations explain why they are important. Due Tuesday Sept 10

Sept. 6
Complete The Science of Biology using notes and pages 2 through 9 in your text book. Due Monday Sept. 9

Sept. 5
Read pages 2 trough 9 and answer questions 1 and 2 of Assessment 1.1 on page 9. Put your answers on loose leaf to hand in - Due tomorrow
Sept. 9

Sept. 4
Read Safety in the Biology Laboratory and sign and return Safety Contract.
Complete My Science Bio (lab coat) and Course Expectations/Contact Information Sheet
All three assignments are due by Friday Sept. 6

Also:Review page 1 and complete page 2 of the course Intro CLICK HERE