Mrs. Palumbo's Science
DeSales Catholic School
Grade 8 - Life Science
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Sept. 16
Use the The Latin and Greek roots below when making scientific names or when interpreting scientific names. You can search for additional roots online.

Supplemental Sheet: Latin and Greek Roots

Sept. 15
Complete the Classifying Real and Imaginary Organisms activities.

Worksheets: Classifying Real and Imaginary Organism

Sept. 14
Read pages 14 through 21 in your textbook. Use your notes and pages 14 through 21 to complete the worksheet Classifying Life (2 pages).

Worksheet: Classifying Life

Sept. 10
Use your notes and pages 4 through 13 in your textbook to complete the worksheet titled What is life?

Worksheet: What is Life?

Sept 8

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