Mrs. Palumbo's Science
DeSales Catholic School
Grade 8 - Life Science

Feb. 25
Read pages 254 through 259 and complete What is a Plant?, due tomorrow Feb. 26

Feb. 24
practice test questions due tomorrow, Feb 25. Makeup test on Chapter 7 on Thursday Feb. 27.

Study for tomorrow's test on Chapter 7:Viruses, Bacteria, Protist, and Fungi

Feb. 12
Write at least 10 sentences using at least 20 vocabulary words from Chapter 7. The sentence need to be in you own words. Due Friday Feb. 14

Jan. 8
Read pages p. 192 through 195 to complete Evidence of Evolution fill and do Evidence of Evolution: Review and Reinforce due Tomorrow Jan. 9

Jan. 7
Write at least 10 sentence about the video on Darwin and Natural Selection, due tomorrow Jan. 9

Jan. 6
Read pages 182 through 191 and complete Darwin's Theory, due tomorrow Jan. 7

Dec. 18
Study for makeup test on DNA: The Code of Life, also DNA word search with at least 5 sentences using at least ten of the words

Dec. 16
Read pages 192 to 195 and do Evidence of Evolution

Dec. 13
Read pages 182 to 191 and do Darwin's Theory

Dec. 4
Finish coloring and cutting parts for DNA molecule. Be sure to bring them to class tomorrow

Dec. 3
Crossword Puzzle: DNA: The Code of Life, due tomorrow Dec. 4

Read pages 160 to 165 and complete Human Inheritance, due tomorrow Dec. 3

Nov **
At parent/teacher conferences I spoke to several parents that wanted to be added to the remind system so they can be notified of up coming
tests. If you wish to be added to the remind system, please email me
with your name, the students name, grade level and a parent cell phone number that can receive text
Note: This must be a parent cell number. This system is not permitted to send text message to children.

Nov. 25
Read pages 150 through 153 and complete How Cells Make Protein, due Nov. 26

Nov. 20
Complete The Genetic Code, due Monday, Nov. 25

Nov. 19
Study for tomorrow's test on Chapter 4: Genetics

Nov. 13
Read pages 128 to 133 and complete Chromosomes and Inheritance, due tomorrow Nov. 14

Nov. 12
Read pages 122 to 127 and complete Patterns of inheritance, due Wed. Nov. 13 Then read pages 128 to 133

Nov. 8
Read pages 116 to 121 and complete Probability and Heredity which is due Tuesday Nov. 12

Nov. 7
Complete Punnet Square Sheet, due tomorrow Nov. 8

Nov. 6
Complete concept maps for extra credit

Nov. 4
Read pages 110 to 115 and complete What is Heredity?

Oct. 29
Study for tomorrow's test on Cell Processes and Energy-Chapter 3

Oct. 28
Finish word search and sentences. Write at least 5 sentences using at least 10 of the words from the word search. Due tomorrow, Oct. 29

Oct. 23
Complete Chapter 3 Review and Assessment, due tomorrow Oct. 24

Oct. 16
Study for tomorrows test on Chapter Two: Introduction to Cells

Oct. 8
Cells:Building Blocks of Living Things both parts due Wed. Oct. 9

Oct. 7
Complete crossword puzzle: Introduction to Cells due Tuesday Oct. 8

Oct. 2
Complete Chemical Compounds in Cells: Lesson Quiz. Also, read pages 64 through 69 and complete The Cell and its Environment,due tomorrow Oct. 3

Oct. 1
Read pages 58 through 63 and complete Chemical Compounds in Cells, due tomorrow Oct. 2

Sept. 30
Read pages 48 through 57 and complete Looking Inside Cells and Looking Insides Cells: Enrich

Sept. 27
Write a paragraph of at least 6 sentences about the microscope videos. Also, do test corrections.

Sept. 25
Read pages 40 through 47 and do the Discovering Cells worksheet

Sept. 18
Read pages 22 to 25 and complete Evolution and Classification due tomorrow, Sept. 19.

Sept. 17
Classifying Imaginary Organism and give four of them scientific names.

Read pages 22 through 25 and complete Domains and Kingdoms due tomorrow Sept. 17

Sept. 13
Finish Classifying Life Worksheet. Due Sept 16

Sept. 10
Complete graduated cylinder worksheets. Read pages 14 to 21 and answer the Assess Your Understanding questions on pages 17, 18 and 21. Put the
answers on loose leaf paper to hand in, due tomorrow Sept 11.

Sept. 9
For four lab expectations explain why they are important. Due Tuesday Sept. 10

Finish What is Life? worksheet using the notes and pages 4 through 13 Due Monday Sept. 9

Sept. 5
Read pages 4 through 9 and answer all the question on those pages (put the answers in your book).

Sept. 4
Complete My Science Bio (lab coat) and Course Expectations/Contact Information Sheet.
Both are due by Friday Sept. 6

Also:Review page 1 and complete page 2 of the course Intro CLICK HERE