Mrs. Palumbo's Science
DeSales Catholic School
Grade 8 - Life Science
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May 20
Watch the recording about Skeletons and Muscles at the link and write the notes in your Science notebook/binder.

Video - Skeleton and Muscles

May 12
Answer three of the five questions at the pdf below to practice for the test.
Remember the project outline is due tomorrow, finish that if you haven't

Ch 9 Test Questions

May 11
Complete the fill in the blank Chapter 9 Review at the link below.
We will have a test on this chapter on Friday May 15.
Outlines for yor Invertebrate project are due Wednesday May 13. See the Writing an Outline video under May 5th entry.

Worksheet: Introduction to Animals

May 5
Watch the video below that explains how to outline your project.
Write an outline for your invertebrate project using the technique in the video.
Put in the facts and details you have learned from your research.

Video: Writing an Outline

May 4 - May the Fourth Be With You
Complete and submit any assignments that you owe.
Many students did not submit the Chapter 9 Review and Assessment.
Anyone who hasn't told me what invertebrate they are researching has to tell me by tomorrow.
You can not do the same invertebrate as another student.

May 1
Watch the two videos below about Endangered Species. Submit a paragraph titled Endangered Species that is at least 6 sentences.
Your next project after invertebrates is a project on an endangered vertebrate species. You can begin thinking about and researching what species you want to study.

Video: Endangered Species: Worth Saving from Extinction?
Video: Endangered Species Science Trek

April 30
Do the Chapter 9 Review and Assessment on pages 335 through 337. Skip number 6 and 19

April 29
Complete the Kahoot: Inro to Animals at the link below. Enter your real name in order to receive credit. No nicknames.
Also, continue with research on your invertebrate.
Students that haven't told me which animal they are doing need to contact me.

Kahoot: Into to Animals

April 28
Use today to work on your invertebrate project.
If you owe any assignments from previous days please complete them first.

April 27
Complete the Intro to Animals crossword puzzle at the link below.

Crossword: Intro to Animals

April 24
Read pages 328 through 333 in your textbook. Use that reading and yesterday's notes to complete the worksheet at the link.
Do not click on sign in with microsoft or sign in with google go to name or email. Enter name or email then password and confirm password then click on sign in as student.
If you have forgotten the password you entered when you used your real name sign in using your email and a new password.
When you are finished with the worksheet click on hand in work and confirm hand in work.

Worksheet: Vertebrate Diversity

Write notes while listening to the notes recording at the link: Groups of Vertebrates.

Video: Groups of Vertebrates

April 22
Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth day. Select two links to visit and watch the live presentation or videos. submit a paragraph on Earth Day. Include any activity you might try.

Video: Live Stream: Virtual Earth Day Celebration
Video: Earth Day 1970-2020 50th Anniversary
Video: NASA Science Live: Earth Day at Home
Video: NASA Looks Back at 50 Years of Earth Day

April 21
Write notes while listening to the notes recording at the link. Read pages 324 through 327 in your textbook and complete the worksheet: Introduction to Vertebrates.

Video: Intro to Vertebrates
Workheet: Introduction to Vertebrates

April 20
At the link select and watch the video that is about the invertebrate that you chose for the project. Take notes from the video and this can be one of the references for your project.

World's Most Awesome Invertebrate

April 8
Today students should do any work they owe. Remember it is the end of the marking period.
If you have turned in all the assignments I thank you for keeping up with your school work.
Enjoy the Easter break.

April 7
Complete today's Plants test at the link below.

Online Test – Plants

Monday April 6
The Chapter 8: Plants test will include a flower diagram that needs to be labeled.
Use the link below for the crossword puzzle to help you review.
If you have any questions about the part 2 questions listed under April 3 send me an email.

I will be holding an online review for the Plants Test on zoom.
Please use one of the links below for your class period at the designated time.

Science Zoom Meeting Monday April 6th at 12:30pm:
Meeting ID: 974 623 049
Password: 278223

Your test on Chapter 8: Plants will be Tuesday, April 7
Your can use the crossword puzzle on Plants for review.
Click on this link to go to the crossword puzzle on Plants.
I have enabled error checking on the puzzle now.
- If you want it to highlight yours errors, go to the upper left corner under controls, and click Show Errors.

April 3
Answer three of the following questions which will be on the Tuesday's Plants test.
You do not need to submit them.
We will go over them during a Zoom on Monday. You will receive a email inviting you to the Zoom meeting.

1. Compare and contrast angiosperms and gymnosperms. Give at least two common characteristics and at least two differences.
2. Name and describe three types of tropisms. Be sure to include in your description the plant parts involved.
3. Compare and contrast vascular and non-vascular plants.
4. Describe at least three important roles of plants in the environment. Also, describe at least two ways they are used by people.

April 2
Today's assignment is a practice online test. The questions are from your previous test. This is for a completion grade only.
This is for you to get familiar with the process/procedures and to see if there are any problems with the program.
Your password is your house number.

Practice Test – Viruses, Bacteria, Protists and Fungi

Your test on Chapter 8: Plants will be Tuesday, April 7

April 1
Write notes while viewing the recording Into. to Invertebrates coming soon at the link below.
Read pages 318 through 323 in your textbook and complete Figures 1 through 5 and the Assess Your Understanding on p. 323. You do not need to submit them.
Remember to study for the upcoming test on Chapter 8: Plants.

Video: Intro to Invertebrates

March 31
Read Animal Body Plans, pages 312 through 317 in your Science textbook and then do the fill in the blank worksheet at the link below. You do not need an account but, you do need to enter your
name(do not enter an email) and make and confirm a password. Then click sign in as a student. When you finish print a copy for your notes and also click on hand in work and confirm hand in
work. For some blanks there is more than one correct answer but, I can only put one choice in the answer key. Therefore, don't worry if it marks your answer wrong when you have checked the
book. I will be checking and changing the grade if your choice is also correct.

Worksheet: Animal Body Plans

March 30
Today you should be doing research for your invertebrate project. Please contact me if you haven't told me what invertebrate you want to research. The pdf below gives details about the
project requirements. Contact me if you have questions. I haven't yet set a due date but, it will be after the Easter break.

Project: Invertebrate

March 27 - Update
If your answers for yesterday's Gizmo lessons didn't submit you need to go back and answer the evaluation question below each lesson. After you answer the questions click on check on check
your answers at the bottom right side of the page and they will be submitted.

March 27
Yesterday's Gizmos:Explore Learning assignments receive full credit if they were completed. To be completed you need to scroll below the lesson and complete the evaluation questions. If you
did not go back to the link and complete the evaluation questions for each.

The test on plants is postponed. However, you should be studying the chapter. Let me know what questions you have about the chapter.

We will be beginning a project on invertebrates. This project includes a poster with a hand drawn diagram of the organism's structure, an outline and an oral presentation. You will do the
presentation when school resumes or we may do video presentations. Today I need you to research invertebrates and select the one that you are interested in researching. There is a general
list of invertebrates in your textbook on page 310 and more details about invertebrates on pages 318 through 323. Of course, in addition you may use the internet. Keep a record of where you
get information because the project requires a list of references. Email me or enter a message on here to let me know what invertebrate you selected.

For you bean plants I will be supplying cups to plant them in and small bags of potting soil to use. The school will be open on Monday between 9 and noon. You can pick them up then out side
the main office. That doesn't mean everyone's is ready to plant but, I need to distribute materials then.

March 26
Today you will be playing three science simulations at Gizmos: Explore Learning. First you need to register and make a user name and password.Please save those for future use. The class
enrollment code is KBHRK6. After you do each simulation scroll down and answer the evaluation questions. The simulations are Pollination: Flower to Fruit, Fast plants,and Seed Germination.
For the flower after labeling the outside you need to click on open view to see the other structures. Contact me if you have any problems.

The Student Explortion Guides are for your use and do not need to be submitted.
After using them, they and the vocabulary sheets should be put in your science binder/folder.

Enrollment Instructions
Class Link use code KBHRK6

These documents are available in Microsoft Word format or PDF format - you choose

Pollination: Flower to Fruit
* Word format
* PDF Format

Pollination: Flower to Fruit Student Exploration Guide
* Word Format
* PDF Format

Fast Plants 1 - Growth and Genetics Vocab
* Word Format
* PDF Format

Fast Plants 1 - Growth and Genetics Student Exploration Guide
* Word Format
* PDF Format

Seed Germination Vocab
* Word Format
* PDF Format

Seed Germination Student Exploration Guide
* Word Format
* PDF Format

March 25
Take notes while watching the videos about lichens at the links below.
Type a paragraph of at least 6 sentences at my homework submit.
Be sure to include the definition of symbiosis. Do not email photos of your work, too many people's photos are dark and or blurry.

For The Love of Lichen"
What is a Lichen?"

About caring for your bean plant. The number one thing that will kill the bean is too much moisture. The bean will rot and/or grow mold and die. Do not add water to the bag. If there is
moisture condensing inside the bag open it and gently with out disturbing the bean wipe off the inside of the bag to get rid of moisture. The bean does best if hung up. Do not tape to walls
and ruin your parent's paint job. Ask them where you can hang it up. One idea is on the outside of the refrigerator door. You do not need to take the bean out of the bag to observe it, that
may damage it. If the bean is already dead or you think it may be dying than start the spare one I gave you. Before throwing out the dead bean take the opportunity to examine the inside of
the bean. Gently separate the two sides of the seed(this means it is a dicot) and you should be able to see the tiny plant embryo inside. You should see tiny leaves inside the seed. The beans
do not need sun yet, they have food stored inside the seed. They don't need sunlight until the leaves develop.If you haven already please email me a photo of your bean. Email me if you have
any other questions.
If you haven't

March 24 - Update
Test Monday on Chapter 8: Plants

March 24
Take notes while watching the videos about carnivorous plants at the links below. Then submit a paragraph of at least 6 sentences about Carnivorous Plants. Do not worry about the scientific
names, you can use the common names for the plants such as pitcher plants and sundews. Beyond six sentences will earn extra points. In addition, if you watch an animal video at the link for
the Cincinnati Zoo and write a paragraph about the animal that will be extra credit. It may also be a head start on a required project we do later in the year on an endangered animal.

Video: 10 Carnivorous Plants
Video: 4 Deadly Carnivorous Plants

March 23 - Update
If you send me a photo of your work please make sure that you include your name on the paper so that if I print it i will have your name.

March 23
Write notes while viewing the video at the link below. It covers the frequently missed kahoot and crossword questions on plants. Submit one sentence for each illustration in the Plants Review

Video: Plants Review

Please check eschool to be sure you have done all of last week's work. For the kahoot everyone who did the kahoot received full credit no matter what their score was. If you scored in the top
three you received extra points. If you haven't done Fridays kahoot, I will be putting the challenge back up so you can still complete the assignment.

March 20 - Update - 2
If you have trouble with the kahoot link go to and use the pin number 0780990
Also, you may retry if your score is low.

March 20 - Update
The Cincinnati Zoo is do a Home Safari with a different animal each day. It is live at 3:00 but, you can watch the recordings at the link below. They are entertaining and very educational. So
far they have done the following animals: sloth, ocelot, porcupine and hippo. Please check it out.
Link to the site

March 20
Today's assignment is to play a kahoot, Plants.
When it asks for a nickname enter your real first and last name so I can see that you have completed the assignment.
Click here to start.
You have until 11pm tonight to complete this challenge. Good Luck.
If you couldn't submit yesterday's crossword it may be because it wasn't complete. You can only submit if the puzzle is complete. Check that everything
is completely filled in before you try to submit. You can print a copy of your filled in puzzle as a backup.

March 19, update
Two word in the puzzle we may not have talked about. Transpiration - the process my which water evaporates from leaves and, hydroponics - a method in
which plants are grow in solutions of nutrients. Also, for those who didn't understand yesterday's video here is an additional one that may clear things
up Leaf Structure.

March 19
Click on this
link to go to the crossword puzzle on Plants.
Complete the puzzle online (no need to print unless you want to use it to study from).
Once ALL the squares have been filled in, the puzzle will direct you how to submit the puzzle.
You do not need an account on the crossword puzzle site to solve and submit it.

March 18
Watch the videos at the links below.
After viewing, complete this Worksheet: Cross Section of a Leaf.
Please give me numbers that correspond to the listed structures (a-m).
Also, please give a brief description of the purpose of each part.
Do not send me a picture of the worksheet.
Instead, Submit the answers for this assignment using the link on the upper right corner of this page called Submit Homework.
Be sure to include the title of the assignment.
You may want to print out the worksheet for your notes.

Biology - Leaf Structure
Plant Structure and Adaptations

March 17, zoo
Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden will be on Facebook live every day at 3:00 with animals and educational info. On now a porcupine.

March 17, addition to below
Please photograph your flower diagram and email it to me. You still need to bring it back when we return to school but, I want you to get
marking period. Also this helps in case it is misplaced.

March 17
Zoom will not begin until further notice.
Label and color flower diagram. The flower is on page 279 of your book. You may use the colors you want it doesn't need to match the book in
terms of colors. One part not in your book is the receptacle which is the thickened part of the stem. If you didn't write an observation of
seed yesterday write one today. There will be an additional assignment later today so check back.

March 16
If you pick up your bean you should do an observation of it today. Be sure to write your observation under today's date. In addition if your
been has
germinated measure the growth in millimeters and do a drawing. Students who didn't pick up their bean seed yet should do so tomorrow. The
building will
be open from 9 until noon and I will be available in the Science room. I also have graded previous assignments and copies of missing
assignments. Also,
make sure that you have the Science textbook.

March 12
Read pages 294 through 297 and complete Plants in Everyday Life, due March 16

March 11
Plant Responses and Growth Review and Reinforce, due March 12

March 10
Read pages 288 through 293 and complete Plant Responses and Growth
Begin observation of bean seed.

March 9
Read pages 280 through 286 and complete Plant Reproduction: Assess Your Understand/Lesson Quiz

March 6
Squid Dissection Lab Report

>March 4
Read pages 308 through 311 and page 318 through 323. Complete What is an Animal? and Into to Invertebrates due March 5.

March 3
Read pages 270 through 279 and complete Plant Structures

March 3
Complete Comparing Monocots and Dicots. Due tomorrow March 4

Feb. 25
Read pages 254 through 259 and complete What is a Plant?, due tomorrow Feb. 26

Feb. 24
practice test questions due tomorrow, Feb 25. Makeup test on Chapter 7 on Thursday Feb. 27.

Study for tomorrow's test on Chapter 7:Viruses, Bacteria, Protist, and Fungi

Feb. 12
Write at least 10 sentences using at least 20 vocabulary words from Chapter 7. The sentence need to be in you own words. Due Friday Feb. 14

Jan. 8
Read pages p. 192 through 195 to complete Evidence of Evolution fill and do Evidence of Evolution: Review and Reinforce due Tomorrow Jan. 9

Jan. 7
Write at least 10 sentence about the video on Darwin and Natural Selection, due tomorrow Jan. 9

Jan. 6
Read pages 182 through 191 and complete Darwin's Theory, due tomorrow Jan. 7

Dec. 18
Study for makeup test on DNA: The Code of Life, also DNA word search with at least 5 sentences using at least ten of the words

Dec. 16
Read pages 192 to 195 and do Evidence of Evolution

Dec. 13
Read pages 182 to 191 and do Darwin's Theory

Dec. 4
Finish coloring and cutting parts for DNA molecule. Be sure to bring them to class tomorrow

Dec. 3
Crossword Puzzle: DNA: The Code of Life, due tomorrow Dec. 4

Read pages 160 to 165 and complete Human Inheritance, due tomorrow Dec. 3

Nov **
At parent/teacher conferences I spoke to several parents that wanted to be added to the remind system so they can be notified of up coming
tests. If you wish to be added to the remind system, please email me
with your name, the students name, grade level and a parent cell phone number that can receive text
Note: This must be a parent cell number. This system is not permitted to send text message to children.

Nov. 25
Read pages 150 through 153 and complete How Cells Make Protein, due Nov. 26

Nov. 20
Complete The Genetic Code, due Monday, Nov. 25

Nov. 19
Study for tomorrow's test on Chapter 4: Genetics

Nov. 13
Read pages 128 to 133 and complete Chromosomes and Inheritance, due tomorrow Nov. 14

Nov. 12
Read pages 122 to 127 and complete Patterns of inheritance, due Wed. Nov. 13 Then read pages 128 to 133

Nov. 8
Read pages 116 to 121 and complete Probability and Heredity which is due Tuesday Nov. 12

Nov. 7
Complete Punnet Square Sheet, due tomorrow Nov. 8

Nov. 6
Complete concept maps for extra credit

Nov. 4
Read pages 110 to 115 and complete What is Heredity?

Oct. 29
Study for tomorrow's test on Cell Processes and Energy-Chapter 3

Oct. 28
Finish word search and sentences. Write at least 5 sentences using at least 10 of the words from the word search. Due tomorrow, Oct. 29

Oct. 23
Complete Chapter 3 Review and Assessment, due tomorrow Oct. 24

Oct. 16
Study for tomorrows test on Chapter Two: Introduction to Cells

Oct. 8
Cells:Building Blocks of Living Things both parts due Wed. Oct. 9

Oct. 7
Complete crossword puzzle: Introduction to Cells due Tuesday Oct. 8

Oct. 2
Complete Chemical Compounds in Cells: Lesson Quiz. Also, read pages 64 through 69 and complete The Cell and its Environment,due tomorrow Oct. 3

Oct. 1
Read pages 58 through 63 and complete Chemical Compounds in Cells, due tomorrow Oct. 2

Sept. 30
Read pages 48 through 57 and complete Looking Inside Cells and Looking Insides Cells: Enrich

Sept. 27
Write a paragraph of at least 6 sentences about the microscope videos. Also, do test corrections.

Sept. 25
Read pages 40 through 47 and do the Discovering Cells worksheet

Sept. 18
Read pages 22 to 25 and complete Evolution and Classification due tomorrow, Sept. 19.

Sept. 17
Classifying Imaginary Organism and give four of them scientific names.

Read pages 22 through 25 and complete Domains and Kingdoms due tomorrow Sept. 17

Sept. 13
Finish Classifying Life Worksheet. Due Sept 16

Sept. 10
Complete graduated cylinder worksheets. Read pages 14 to 21 and answer the Assess Your Understanding questions on pages 17, 18 and 21. Put the
answers on loose leaf paper to hand in, due tomorrow Sept 11.

Sept. 9
For four lab expectations explain why they are important. Due Tuesday Sept. 10

Finish What is Life? worksheet using the notes and pages 4 through 13 Due Monday Sept. 9

Sept. 5
Read pages 4 through 9 and answer all the question on those pages (put the answers in your book).

Sept. 4
Complete My Science Bio (lab coat) and Course Expectations/Contact Information Sheet.
Both are due by Friday Sept. 6

Also:Review page 1 and complete page 2 of the course Intro CLICK HERE