Mrs. Palumbo's Science
DeSales Catholic School
Grade 7 - Physical Science
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June 4

Paper Airplane Instructions
Data Table for Airplane Project

June 2
Fill out the worksheet for the Circuit Builder while doing the Gizmo. Submit the completed worksheet.
Complete the Circuit Builder Gizmo at the link.
Email me or message me here if you don't know your username and password.

Gizmo: Circuit Builder

Worksheet: Circuit Builder - PDF Version
Worksheet: Circuit Builder - Microsoft Word Version

May 20
Watch the recording What is Energy? at the link and write notes under that title in your Science notebook.

Video: What is Energy

May 19
Complete the Trebuchet Gizmo at the link.
Email me your completed Activity sheets or submit them on Seesaw.
If you forgot your username or password contact me and I can look them up.

Gizmo: Trebuchet- Use enrollment code J97N4L
Worksheet: Trebuchet - PDF version
Worksheet: Trebuchet - Microsoft Word Version

May 7
Check you email to enroll in my class on Seesaw.
Future assignments will be posted there.
You can still use this site to send me a message and to find and complete previous assignments.

May 6
Complete the Wheel and Axle Gizmo at the link.
Email me your completed Activity sheets.
If you forgot your username or password contact me and I can look them up.
There will be a test on Chapter 9 on Wednesday 13. You will receive an email invite to a Zoom review when the date and time is set.
Begin studying the chapter and message me to tell me what topics you need help with.

Gizmo: Wheel and Axle- Use enrollment code J97N4L
Worksheet: Wheel and Axle - PDF version
Worksheet: Wheel and Axle - Microsoft Word version

May 5
Watch the video Mechanical Advantages that explains how to calculate mechanical advantages of simple machines.
Then, complete the Mechanical Advantage worksheet.
Submit your answers only, which may be write on a separate sheet of paper and/or typed into the homework submit.

Video: Mechanical Advantage
Worksheet: Mechanical Advantage

May 4 - Star Wars Day, May The Fourth Be With You
Complete any assignments that you haven't turned in.
Please check the Student or Parent Portal to see what assignments weren't submitted.
Everything has been graded and entered in the portal except the Pulleys Gizmo, which several people haven't submitted.

May 1
Complete the Ideal Mechanical Advantage Worksheet. Read the examples carefully so you know how to work out the problems.
You do not have to print out the worksheet. Put your answers, showing your work, on a separate sheet of paper.
Do not send me copies of the worksheet pages.
Submit only your answers including showing your work.
Questions 12 through 15 are for extra credit only but, you need to do the rest including number 16.

Ideal Mechanical Advantage Worksheet

April 30
Watch the videos at the links below. Submit a paragraph about the videos in the homework submit. The paragraphs should be at least 6 sentences.

Video:The mighty mathematics of the lever
Video:Bill Nye and Mechanical Advantage

April 29
Complete the activities A and B with the Pulley's Gizmo.The Extension: Pulley Physics is for extra credit.

Gizmo: Pulleys - = Use enrollment code J97N4L
Worksheet: Pulleys - PDF version
Worksheet: Pulleys - Microsoft Word version

The link below is for students who did not do the original Work and Simple Machines Kahoot from 4/23

Kahoot: Work and Simple Machines

April 28
Print out the Lever worksheets to guide you while you do the Gizmo: Levers.
Go to the Levers Gizmo at the link and do the activities.
Send me the Activity pages. Please write you name at the top of each page.

Gizmo: Levers = Use enrollment code J97N4L
Worksheet: Levers - PDF version
Worksheet: Levers - Microsoft Word version

April 27
Print out the Worksheet: Ant Slant.
Fill it out while doing the Gizmo at the link below: Ants on a Slant.
Send me a copy of your results for activities B And C
Use Class enrollment code: J97N4L
If you enrolled previously and don't remember your username and/or password email me and I can look them up for you.

Ants on a Slant(Inclined Plane)Gizmo - link updated [Use Class enrollment code: J97N4L]
Worksheet: Ant Slant

April 24
Do the Chapter 9 Review and Assessment on pages 337 through 339. Skip questions numbers 5 and 15. You do not need to send me the assignment.
Let me know which questions you don't understand.

April 23
Complete the Work and Simple Machines Kahoot at the link below. Be sure to enter your real name so you will receive credit.

Kahoot: Work and Simple Machines

April 22
Complete the Work and Machines Crossword Puzzle at the link below. Click on submit answers when you are finished with the puzzle.

Crossword: Work and Machines

April 21
I thank everyone who wrote answers for the Forces Test in their own words and in complete sentences. However, some student's answers were obviously googled. Also, some students answers were
only a few words such as seat belt, airplane, trampoline. In order to be correct answers need to be sentences that explain and describe. For example, in what circumstances and how are those
Today everyone needs to submit answers in the homework submit for the two questions below. They must be in complete sentences and in your own words. You can use your notes and textbook but,
use your examples and put things in your own words.

1. Give an example for each of Newton's Three Laws of Motion.
2. Describe what happens when objects collide. Describe at least two examples.

April 20
Write notes will listening to the recording at the link below. Read pages 330 to 335 in your textbook and use the notes and that section of the book to do the worksheet Putting Machines
Together. When it asks for an email or name, please enter your real first and last name so that you will receive credit for your work.

Video: Wheel, Axle and Pulley
Worksheet: Putting Machines Together

April 8
Be sure you have everything turned in because it is the end of the marking period.
Question 5 from April 7 should have read How is a screw related to an inclined plane. Please enter your answer to that one question in the homework submit.
Today students should do any assignments they owe.
If you have turned in all the assignments I thank you for keeping up with your school work.
Enjoy your Easter break.

April 7
Watch the video about Simple Machines at the link below and submit your answers for the following questions in the homework submit

1. Name the six simple machines and give an example for each from the video that tells where they are found or how they are used.
2. What are two units of measurement for work/
3. How does a lighter weight balance a heavier one on a lever?
4. What is the trade off when using a pulley/
5. How is a screw related to a inclined plane?

Video: Simple Machines

April 6
Complete today's test on Chapter 8: Forces at the link below

Online Test – Forces

April 3
I will be holding an online review for the Forces Test on zoom.
Please use one of the links below for your class period at the designated time.

Period 2 Science Zoom Meeting at 9:30am:
Meeting ID: 981 723 093

Period 3 Science Zoom Meeting at 10am:
Meeting ID: 195 784 821

April 2
Practice the test question for the Chapter 8: Forces test that will be in the pdf below.
We go over the answers during a Zoom tomorrow. You will receive an email invite to the Zoom.
The test will be Monday April 6

Forces Review Questions

April 1
Today's assignment is a practice online test. The questions are from your previous test. The test answers will not be graded but it is for a completion grade only.
It is to get you familiar with the process/procedure and to see if there are any problems with the testing program.
To login use your first and last name and your password is your house number.

Practice Test – Motion

March 31
Take notes while viewing the Levers Notes video below which will be up soon. Also,read pages 326 through 329 and do the apply it on page 327 and the Assess Your Understanding on page 329.
These do not need to be submitted.

Video: Levers

March 30
Read pages 322 through 325 and complete the fill in the blank worksheet at the link below. You do not need an account at the site and you shouldn't enter an email, enter your real name. You
need to enter your name and make a password before you will see the worksheet. When you are done print a copy for your Science binder but, also enter your answers at the site. To submit the
finished worksheet click on hand in work and then click on confirm hand in work.

Worksheet: Simple Machines

March 27
For the crossword puzzle if you want it to highlight your errors you need to go to the upper left hand corner under controls and click show errors

March 27
Monday's test is postponed. Go to the link below to do a crossword puzzle to review the chapter. The program will highlight your errors as you enter words. Submit the puzzle when every thing
is filled in. It will not allow you to submit if any of the squares are blank. Some students did not complete the Gizmos simulations from yesterday. For the assignment to be complete you need
to scroll down and find and answer the questions. If you did not do this go back to yesterday's link and answer the evaluation questions for each lesson assigned. Check back this afternoon
for a video of the Density Column Lab.

Crossword - Forces Review

March 26 - Update
Please be sure to scroll down below the Gizmo simulations and answer the evaluation questions for each simulation.

March 26
Using you Density Column diagram from yesterday estimate the density of your objects. First look up online the density of the liquids you used and record them. Give a range of density for
each object. For example, if the uncooked pasta sunk in water but floated in dish soap its density will be greater than water but, less than dish soap.

Go to the link for Gizmos - explorelearning below and play the simulations for density. You will need to register for an account.Be sure to write down your username and password some where
you can keep for future use. The class enrollment code is J97N4L. After playing the simulations be sure to scroll down and answer the evaluation questions.

March 25
Today we are doing the Density Column Lab like the one on page 293. This is an activity we would usually do in class but I need you to try it at home working with what you have available. Use
a tall drinking glass that is as clear as possible. Liquids that you could use include dish soap, water, honey, karo or corn syrup,shampoo and vegetable oil(such as corn oil). If you want to
add something I have not listed please check with me first. After adding the liquids to your column wait a while for them to separate into layers by density. Observe to see if there is any
interaction between substances. Once the layers separate you can add small objects such as paper clip, tooth pick, uncooked pasta (spirals work well), a grape, piece of rubber band, cork,
other small objects. Be careful when adding so the objects don't get stuck on each other because than we can't tell where they would naturally float or sink. When you are finished email me a
photo of your density column. Also, make a diagram listing the order of the fluids and indicating where each object floats or sinks.

March 24 - Update
Test Monday, March 30 on Chapter 8 - Forces

March 24
Write notes while viewing the video Understanding Machines at the link below. Also, read pages 314 through 321 and do the Assess Your Understanding on pages 317, 319 and 321. You may put the
answers in your books.

Video: Understanding Machines

March 23 - Update
If you didn't do the kahoot on Friday go to and enter the pin 0111978

March 23
Take notes on the forces review which you can watch at the link below.
Forces Review Video

Please check eschool to see if you are missing any assignments from last week. For the kahoot you were given full credit no matter what your score. The students who scored the top three
scores were given extra points.

March 20 - Update - 2
If you have trouble with the kahoot link go to and use the pin number 0756472
Also, you may retry if your score is low.

March 20 - Update
The Cincinnati Zoo is do a Home Safari with a different animal each day. It is live at 3:00 but, you can watch the recordings at the link below. They are entertaining and very educational. So
far they have done the following animals: sloth, ocelot, porcupine and hippo. Please check it out.
Link to the site

March 20
Today's assignment is to play a kahoot, Forces.
When it asks for a nickname enter your real first and last name so I can see that you have completed the assignment.
Click here to start.
You have until 11pm tonight to complete this challenge. Good Luck.

March 19
Today there are two videos about Newton's Laws of Motion. You do not need to write a paragraph, instead there are two worksheets. One of the videos
shows how to make a balloon car. You do not have to but, if you have the supplies and you build one, email me a photo for extra credit.
I'm sure you can think of different things you could use for wheels.
Have a good day.

Video 1
Video 2
Newtons Laws of Motion Challenge Worksheet
Newtons Laws of Motion Vocabulary Worksheet

March 18
Today's assignment is to watch the videos at the links below about Buoyancy and Sinking and Floating.
After viewing, write a paragraph of at least 6 sentences based on one or both videos.
Submit by using the homework submit link at the top of the page.
Be sure to put the title of the assignment (Buoyancy and How things Float).

Buoyancy and Density
How Do Ships Float

March 17, Zoo
Cincinnati Zoo will be on Facebook live everyday at 3:00 with animals and educational info. On now a porcupine.

March 17
To clarify today's assignment, For each material you need to decide which fluid it will float in. Not just top, middle or bottom of the whole
column. If it is less dense it will float on a liquid, more dense it will sink. If its density is equal to a liquid it will be in the middle of
that layer of the density column.

March 17
Zoom will not begin until further notice.
Do the math page 293, calculate density and be sure to give the proper units. Email your answers to me and include where the substance would
end up in the cylinder. You don't need the picture you can just say which substance in will be in. Include whether it is at the top, middle or
bottom of that layer.

March 16
The building will be open tomorrow from 9 until noon. I will be available in the the Science room. I noticed that many Science textbooks were
behind today. Parents may have been unaware that some students have an additional locker on the first floor. There are several Science books
there. In addition, you should have stopped in the Science room to pick up previous assignments or drop of completed assignments that weren't
turn in
yet. I have graded papers that would be helpful when studying for the test. There will be online testing. There are also copies available for
previous assignments.

March 12
Read pages 308 through 313 and complete Work and Power

March 11
Forces Word Search and Sentences. Use ten of the words to write at least 5 sentences in your own words.

March 10
Chapter 8: Force fill in the blank review

March 9
Crossword Puzzle,Forces: Chapter 8 due tomorrow March 10

March 6
Complete Chapter 8 Review and Assessment. Skip 7 on page 299 and 7 on page 301

Feb. 25
Read pages 282 through 285 and complete Momentum, due tomorrow Feb. 26

Feb. 24
Study for Motion makeup test tomorrow. Also, Force, mass and acceleration word problems due tomorrow Feb. 25.

Jan. 8
Complete Chapter 6 Review and Assessment, skip 13. Due tomorrow Jan. 9

Jan. 7
Complete Crossword Puzzle: Acids, Bases and Solutions due tomorrow Jan. 8

Jan. 6
Read pages 218 through 223 and complete Acids and Bases in Solutions: Review and Reinforce

Dec. 18
Read pages 218 to 223 and complete Acid and Bases in Solutions

Dec. 17
Word Search Acids, Bases and Solutions, write at least 5 sentences using at lest 10 of the word

Dec. 10
Study for part two of the test on Chapter 5: Chemical Reactions

Dec. 9
Read pages 198 through 203 and complete Understanding Solutions

Dec. 4
Practice test questions. Answer two out of five. If you answer more than two the additional questions are extra credit

Dec. 3
Crossword Puzzle: Chemical Reactions, due tomorrow Dec. 4

Dec. 2
Complete Controlling Chemical Reactions using pages 182 through 187, due tomorrow Dec. 3

Nov **
At parent/teacher conferences I spoke to several parents that wanted to be added to the remind system so they can be notified of up coming
tests. If you wish to be added to the remind system, please email me
with your name, the students name, grade level and a parent cell phone number that can receive text
Note: This must be a parent cell number. This system is not permitted to send text message to children.

Nov. 20
Read pages pages 170 through 181 and complete Describing Chemical Reactions

Nov. 19
Read page 162 through 169 and complete Observing Chemical Change: Assess Your Understanding

Nov. 18
Study for tomorrow's test on Atoms and Bonding

Nov. 13
Chapter Three Review and Assessment, skip numbers 5 and 10, due tomorrow Nov. 14

Nov. 12
Complete Atoms and Bonding Crossword Puzzle due Wed.Nov,13

Nov. 8
Read pages 146 to 151 and complete Bonding in Metals due Tuesday Nov. 12

Nov. 7
Complete Atoms and Bonding Word Search and write at least 5 sentences using at least 10 of the words. Due tomorrow Nov. 8

Nov. 5
Read pages 138 to 145 and complete Covalent Bonds

Nov. 4
Read pages 130 to 137 and complete Ionic Bonds

Oct. 29
Read pages 124 to 129 and Answer Vocabulary, Figure 4 and Assess Your understanding

Oct. 28
Study for tomorrow's test on Elements and the periodic Table. Finish the word search and sentences. Write at least 5 sentences using at least
10 of the words from the word search. Due tomorrow Oct. 29

Oct. 24
Complete Chapter 3 review and Assessment, due tomorrow Oct. 24

Oct. 16
Element project due Monday Oct. 21 Instruction here

Oct. 9
Read pages 88 through 95 and complete Metals worksheet, due Thurs.Oct. 10

Oct. 2
Complete Intro to Atoms due tomorrow Oct 3

Oct. 1
Complete Chapter 2 Review and Assessment

Sept. 30
Read pages 56 through 61 to complete Gas Behavior

Sept. 27
Do test corrections.

Sept. 25
Study for tomorrow's test on Chapter One.

Sept. 20
Finish About Energy and States of Matter, About the Classification of Matter and About Latent Energy in Evaporation

Sept. 19
Finish Crossword Puzzle - Matter due Friday Sept.20

Sept. 18
Read pages 20 to 29 and complete Changes in Matter due tomorrow Sept. 19

Finish Measuring Matter due Sept. 18

Sept. 16
Classifying Matter worksheet due tomorrow, Sept. 17

Sept 10
Complete graduated cylinder worksheets and For illustration of students working in a lab identify at least six unsafe lab behaviors and
identify six safe lab behaviors due Wednesday Sept. 11

For four lab expectations explain why they are important. Due Tuesday Sept. 10

Sept. 6
Finish Describing Matter worksheet using the notes and page 4 through 7. Due Monday Sept. 9

Read pages 4 through 7 and answer all the questions on those pages. Put the answers in your book.

Sept. 4
Complete My Science Bio (lab coat) and Course Expectations/Contact Information Sheet.
Both due by Friday Sept.6

Also:Review page 1 and complete page 2 of the course Intro CLICK HERE