Mrs. Palumbo's Science
DeSales Catholic School
Grade 7 - Physical Science

Oct. 9
Read pages 88 through 95 and complete Metals worksheet, due Thurs.Oct. 10

Oct. 2
Complete Intro to Atoms due tomorrow Oct 3

Oct. 1
Complete Chapter 2 Review and Assessment

Sept. 30
Read pages 56 through 61 to complete Gas Behavior

Sept. 27
Do test corrections.

Sept. 25
Study for tomorrow's test on Chapter One.

Sept. 20
Finish About Energy and States of Matter, About the Classification of Matter and About Latent Energy in Evaporation

Sept. 19
Finish Crossword Puzzle - Matter due Friday Sept.20

Sept. 18
Read pages 20 to 29 and complete Changes in Matter due tomorrow Sept. 19

Finish Measuring Matter due Sept. 18

Sept. 16
Classifying Matter worksheet due tomorrow, Sept. 17

Sept 10
Complete graduated cylinder worksheets and For illustration of students working in a lab identify at least six unsafe lab behaviors and
identify six safe lab behaviors due Wednesday Sept. 11

For four lab expectations explain why they are important. Due Tuesday Sept. 10

Sept. 6
Finish Describing Matter worksheet using the notes and page 4 through 7. Due Monday Sept. 9

Read pages 4 through 7 and answer all the questions on those pages. Put the answers in your book.

Sept. 4
Complete My Science Bio (lab coat) and Course Expectations/Contact Information Sheet.
Both due by Friday Sept.6

Also:Review page 1 and complete page 2 of the course Intro CLICK HERE