Mrs. Palumbo's Science
DeSales Catholic School
Grade 7 - Physical Science
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Dec 9
Complete Kahoot: Chapter 4 Atoms and Bonding Kahoot Challange

Bonus: Complete the Kahoot: Atoms and Bonding Bonus Kahoot

Kahoot: Chapter 4 Atoms and Bonding Kahoot Challange

Kahoot: Atoms and Bonding Bonus Kahoot

Dec 1
Complete the Atoms and Bonding Crossword Puzzle.

Crossword: Atoms and Bonding

Nov 10
Complete the crossword puzzle for Elements of the Periodic Table

Crossword: Elements of the Periodic Table

Nov 2
Go to the link and complete The Periodic Table assignment. Enter your school email address. Watch the videos and answer the questions. When you are finished, click submit.

Assignment: Periodic Table

Oct. 19
Go to the link to complete the crossword puzzle reviewing Chapter Two: Solids, Liquids and Gases. If you do not see a keyboard go to the top in the search bar and tap on the aA. Then tap on request mobile website and a keyboard should show at the bottom. When you have completed the puzzle go to the upper left and tap on submit puzzle. Enter your name and again tap submit.

Crossword: Solid Liquid, and Gases

Oct. 16
To watch the videos below about liquid nitrogen

Video: Simple Feats of Science: Liquid Nitrogen Experiments!
Video: Can of Coke in Liquid Nitrogen - Periodic Table of Videos
Video: Liquid Nitrogen Science

Oct. 8 - Update
To watch the videos about dry ice click on the links below.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Oct. 8
Complete the Intro to Matter Kahoot challenge at the link below if the link didn't work on Seesaw.

Kahoot: Intro to Matter

Oct 6
Complete today's test at the link below

Enter your first and last name and as your password use your house number.
This is a timed test like last year.

Online Test - Matter

Sept. 23
Print out the Student Exploration: Density Lab at the link below. Follow the directions in the guide while doing the activity at Gizmo.
Go to the link below titled Explore Learning:Gizmo Density Lab
You do not need to enter an enroll code because you are already enrolled. Just enter your username and password.
If you have forgotten your username or password, send me an email and I will look it up.

Explore Learning Gizmo: Density Lab
Video: Demonstrations on how to use gizmo
Student Exploration: Density Lab - PDF Format
Student Exploration: Density Lab - Microsoft Word Format

Sept. 17
Use the link below to do the Matter word search. Find 25 of the 33 word. Then use 10 of the vocabulary words to write in at least five sentences in your own words.

Word Search: Matter

Sept. 15
Watch the notes video and write the notes in your notebook. Use the notes and your textbook pages 8 through 13 to complete the Classifying Matter worksheet.

Video: Classifying Matter
Worksheet: Classifying Matter

Sept. 14
Read the Sticky Molecules vocabulary sheet and put a printout of it in your Science binder. Watch the video explaining how to work the Sticky Molecules Gizmo and describing some of the
background information. Then complete the sticky Molecules activity and be sure to complete the Student Exploration worksheet.

Vocab Sheet: Sticky Molecules
Video: How to Work Sticky Molecules Gizmo

Sept. 11
If you have finished sticky molecules from yesterday than go on to today's assignment. Read pages 8 through 13 in your textbook and answer the questions in the book including labeling the

Sept. 10

Print out the Student Exploration: Sticky Molecules at the link below. Follow the directions in the guide while doing the activity at Gizmo.
Go to the link below titled Explore Learning:Sticky Molecules
Enter the enroll code J97N4L and click enroll then click on register now to enroll.
Enter your information. Please write down your username and password in your Science notebook under the title Gizmo so you will have it for future use.

Explore Learning Gizmo: Sticky Molecules - Use class enrollment code J97N4L
Student Exploration: Sticky Molecules - PDF Format
Student Exploration: Sticky molecules - Microsoft Word Format

Sept 9

Follow this link to interactive lesson on Molecules Matter.

Lesson: Molecules Matter

Sept 8
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Student Acknowledgement

Parent Acknowlegment and Remind enrollment

View the notes video at the link below. Write the notes on under the title Describing Matter in your notebook. Read pages 4 through 7 in your textbook. Using the notes and pages 4 through 7
complete the worksheet Describing Matter. You may submit just the answers by using the submit homework link at the top right of this webpage.

Video: Describing Matter Video Notes

Worksheet: Describing Matter