Mrs. Palumbo's Science
DeSales Catholic School
Grade 6 - Earth Science

Feb. 25
Write a paragraph of at least 6 sentences on How Caves Form/Karst Topography from the videos. You can write about one or the other video or combine
information from both. Due tomorrow Feb. 26

Video 1: How do caves form.
Video 2: Formations of Karst Landscapes

Erosion and Deposition Word Search. Also write at least 5 sentences in your own words using at least 10 of the words. Due tomorrow Feb. 25

Erosion and deposition: Chapter 7 Study Guide due tomorrow Feb. 14

Crossword puzzle Erosion and Deposition; Chapter 7, due tomorrow Feb. 13

Jan. 17
Study for test on Volcanoes which on Tuesday Jan. 21

Jan 8
Read pages 180 through 187 to complete Rocks and Weathering fill in. Also, Do the Math; Which Weathers Faster, due tomorrow Jan. 9

Jan. 7
Complete Volcanoes fill in chapter review. Also, finish Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics: Enrich. Both due tomorrow Jan. 8

Jan. 6
Complete activity finding the epicenter of the Alaskan earthquake. Write a paragraph describing the steps in the process used to locate an
earthquake's epicenter

Volcanoes word search and sentences - write at least 5 sentences in your own words using at least 10 of the words. Due Dec. 18

Dec. 16
Complete 3 Practice essay questions about volcanoes, due Dec.17

Dec. 10
Read pages 164 through 169 and complete Volcanic Landforms

Dec. 9
Read pages 156 through 163 and complete Volcanic Eruptions

Dec. 5
Study for tomorrow's test on Chapter 4: Earthquakes

Dec. 4
Study for Friday's test on Chapter 4:Earthquakes. Also, Finish Volcanic Eruptions if you didn't finish in class

Dec. 3
Practice test questions. Also, Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics.

Dec. 2
Chapter 4 Review and Assessment. Skip 6, 17, 18 and constructed response 6, due tomorrow Dec. 3

Nov **
At parent/teacher conferences I spoke to several parents that wanted to be added to the remind system so they can be notified of up coming
tests. If you wish to be added to the remind system, please email me
with your name, the students name, grade level and a parent cell phone number that can receive text
Note: This must be a parent cell number. This system is not permitted to send text message to children.

Nov. 25
Finish crossword puzzle: Earthquakes, Chapter 4, Due tomorrow Nov. 26

Nov. 20
Finish Monitoring Earthquakes, due Monday Nov. 25

Nov. 19
Study for tomorrow's test on Chapter 3, Plate Tectonics

Nov. 18
Finish practice test questions. Study for Wednesdays test on Plate Tectonics.

Nov. 13
Write a paragraph of at least 6 sentences of information from the videos on Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics, due tomorrow Thursday Nov.

Nov. 12
Finish the Review and Assessment for Chapter 3, Skip 5, 18 and 6 on page 113, Due Wed. Nov. 13. Then, read pages 120 to 127 and do the Assess
You Understanding

Nov. 8
Finish crossword puzzle, Plate Tectonics due Tuesday Nov. 12

Nov. 7
Complete Birth of the Himalayas and The Curious Case of Mesosaurus, both due tomorrow Nov. 8

Nov. 6
Read pages 104 to 109 and complete The Theory of Plate Tectonics

Nov. 4
Read pages 98 to 103 and complete Sea Floor Spreading

Oct. 29
Study for tomorrow's test on Minerals and Rocks

Oct. 28
Answer questions from Chapter Two study guide for extra credit. Study for Wednesday's test

Oct. 23
Period 4 class - complete Chapter Twp Review and Assessment, due tomorrow Oct. 24. Period 5 class complete Minerals and Rocks Crossword puzzle
tomorrow Oct. 24

Oct. 16
Period 5 - study for test on mapping Earth's Surface. Chapter One lessons 4,5 and 6

Oct. 8
Latitude, Longitude and Hemispheres due Wed. Oct. 9 Also, makeup crossword puzzle: Mapping Earth's Surface due tomorrow Oct. 9,

Oct. 2
Finish crossword puzzle: Mapping Earth's Surface, due tomorrow Oct. 3

Sept. 30
Use pages 36 to 39 to complete the worksheet Topographic Maps: Review, Reinforce and Lesson Quiz and Topographic Map Enrich

Sept. 27
Read pages 36 through 39 and do Assess Your Understanding on page 39

Read pages 28 through 35 and complete the worksheet Models of Earth due tomorrow Sept. 26
Test corrections are due Friday Sept. 28

Sept. 20
Finish About Earth's Layers and About Density. Study for Monday's test on the first three sections of Chapter One - The Earth System, Earth'
Interior, and Convection and the Mantle also be
able to calculate density

Sept. 18
Read pages 22 to 27 and complete Exploring Earth's Surface. Also, study for Friday's test on the first three sections of Chapter One.

Sept. 17
Finish Convection and the Mantle due tomorrow, Sept. 18

Sept. 16
Finish crossword puzzle using notes and book Chapter One sections one through three. Due tomorrow Sept. 17

Sept. 10
Complete Earth's Interior. Also, for illustration of students working in lab give six unsafe lab behaviors and six safe lab behaviors, due
Wednesday Sept. 11

Sept. 9
For four lab expectations explain why they are important. Read pages 10 trough 17 and answer the questions on those pages. Put the answers in
your book.
Due Tuesday Sept. 10

Sept. 6
Read pages 4 through 9 and answer the questions on those pages. Put the answers in your book. Due Monday Sept. 9

Complete You are Here, My Science Bio (lab coat) and Course Expectations/Contact Information Sheet
All three due by Friday Sept. 6

Also:Review page 1 and complete page 2 of the course Intro CLICK HERE