Mrs. Palumbo's Science
DeSales Catholic School
Grade 6 - Earth Science
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June 4
Go to the link to do the Weather Maps Gizmo.
Complete the worksheet as you do the Gizmo.
Submit for final exam grade.
The Hurricane Gizmo is for extra credit.

Gizmo: Weather Maps - Metric

Worksheet: Weather Maps - Metric - PDF Version
Worksheet: Weather Maps - Metric - Microsoft Word Version

Gizmo: Hurricane
Worksheet: Hurricane - PDF Version
Worksheet: Hurricane - Microsoft Word Version

May 20
Watch the recording at the link and write notes on Air Masses.

Video: Air Masses

May 11
The link below is the Student Exploration Guide for the Greenhouse Effects Gizmo

Gizmo: Greenhouse Effect - Use class enrollment code DZWKZR
Worksheet: Greenhouse Effect - PDF version
Worksheet: Greenhouse Effect - Microsoft Word version

May 7
Check you email for enrolling in my class on Seesaw.
Future assignments will be posted there.
You may still use this site to send me a message and find and complete previous work.

May 6
Go to the link for yesterdays assignment .For the Coastal Winds and Clouds there is a video that explains how the Gizmo works.
Scroll below the picture and find the arrow that says preview video preview.Click on the arrow to watch the video.
If you had difficulty completing the assignment it should help.
If you already completed the assignment it may increase your understanding.
You may choose to do either Activity A or Activity B if you did both one will be extra credit.
Email me a photo of your Activity sheets.

If you completed the activity begin studying Chapter 11: The Atmosphere for a test which will be next week. If there is a topic you don't understand type a question in the message submit.
We will review during a Zoom day and time will be sent in an email.

May 5
Print out the worksheet: Coastal Winds and Clouds to fill out as you do the activity.
Click on the link Gizmo: Coastal Wind and Clouds.
Enter the enroll code and click enroll then click on register now to enroll.
Enter your information. Please write down your username and password in your Science notebook under the title Gizmo so you will have it for future use.
After you have an account click on the Coast Winds and Clouds Gizmo.
Send me your results for Activity A. (two pages. Activity B is extra credit.
Please put your name on the pages.

Gizmo: Coastal Winds and Clouds - Use class enrollment code DZWKZR
Worksheet: Coastal Winds and Clouds - PDF version
Worksheet: Coastal Winds and Clouds - Microsoft Word version

May 4 - May the Fourth Be With You
Complete any assignments that you haven't turned in.
Check the Student or Parent Portal to see which assignments are missing.
If you did Friday's assignment - Chapter 11 Review and Assessment, please email me a photo.

May 1
Complete the Chapter 11: Review and Assessment on page 411 through 413. Skip 7, 19 and 23.

April 30
Watch the first 17 minutes of the video at the link below. Submit a paragraph about the video in the homework submit.
The paragraph should be at least 6 sentences.

Video: The Power of the Planet - Atmosphere

April 29
Complete the Kahoot: The Atmosphere, at the link below by the end of today. Enter your real name in order to receive credit. No nicknames.

Kahoot: The Atmosphere

April 28
Complete the crossword puzzle: The Atmosphere at the link

Crossword: The Atmosphere

April 27
Write notes while listening to the recording Global Winds.
Read pages 402 through 408 in your textbook.
Complete the fill in the blank worksheet at the link using your notes on Wind and Global Wind and pages 402 through 408 in your textbook.

Video: Global Winds
Fillin: Wind

April 24
Write notes while listening to the recording Wind at the link below.

Video: Wind

April 23
Complete the worksheet at the link. Enter your real first and last name, do not login with an email address. When you are finished click on hand in work and confirm hand in work.

Worksheet: Heat Transfer

April 22
Write notes while listening to the recording: Heat Transfer

Video: Heat Transfer

April 21
Complete the worksheet at the link below. When it asks for email or name, enter your real first and last name. You chose your own password. When you are finished be sure to click on hand in
work and than confirm hand in work so I will be able to see your work and give you credit.

Fill in Blank: Energy in Earth's Atmosphere

April 20
Write notes while listening to the recording at the link below. Also, read pages 392 through 397 in your textbook.

Video: Energy in Earth's Atmosphere

April 8
Today students should do any assignments they still owe. Remember it is the end of the marking period.
If you have everything turned in I thank you for keeping up with your school work
Everyone enjoy the Easter break.

April 7
Complete today's test at the link below

Online Test – Geologic Time

Monday April 6
I will be holding an online review for the Geologic Time Test on zoom.
Please use one of the links below for your class period at the designated time.

Period 4 Science Zoom Meeting Monday April 6th at 10:40am:
Meeting ID: 713 100 004

Period 5 Science Zoom Meeting Monday April 6th at 11:30am:
Meeting ID: 317 073 260

Your test on Chapter 8: Geologic Time will be Tuesday, April 7
Your can use the crossword puzzle on Geologic Time for review.
Click on this link
I have enabled error checking on the puzzle now.
- If you want it to highlight yours errors, go to the upper left corner under controls, and click Show Errors.

April 3
Today's assignment is a practice online test. The questions are from your previous test. This is for a completion grade only.
This is for you to get familiar with the process/procedures and to see if there are any problems with the program.
Enter your name and as your password use your house number.

Practice Test – Erosion and Deposition

Your test on Chapter 8: Geologic Time will be Tuesday, April 7

April 2
Use your notes and pages 380 through 385 in your textbook to fill in the blanks on Air Pressure at the link below.

Worksheet: Air Pressure

Your test on Chapter 8: Geologic Time will be Tuesday, April 7

April 1
Write notes while viewing the Layers of the Atmosphere recording at the link below.
In the Homework Submit enter a sentence about each picture in the notes.
Remember to also study Chapter 8: Geologic Time for our up coming test.

Video: Layers of the Atmosphere

March 31
Write notes while viewing the Air Pressure Notes at the link below coming soon. Also, read pages 380 to 385 in your textbook. Do the Assess Your Understanding on page 383 and 385. These do
not need to be submitted.

Video: Air Pressure

March 30
Use pages 376 through 379 to complete the fill in the blank worksheet online at the link below. First you will need to enter your name and make a password before you will see the worksheet.
You do not need an account at the site and you don't need to enter an email address.Print a copy for your Science binder. When you are finished click on hand in work and then confirm hand in

Worksheet: Atmosphere

March 27
Although you didn't have to, some people submitted their practice answers for the test. There are a few points for every one to keep in mind. The answer need to be at least three sentences
long. That is the absolute minimum. Also, if you use a term such as superposition, index fossil or half-life you need to explain want those terms mean and how they are used in relation to the
question. Monday's test has been postponed. Today we going to begin a new chapter - The Atmosphere, please read 376 through 379. Answer the question in your book including Figure 1 and Figure
2, apply it and the Assess Your Understanding on pages 378 and page 379. You do not need to email me photos or submit this in any form

March 26
Below are the constructed response questions for the upcoming test on The Geologic Time Scale. For the test you will need to answer three. Today write practice answers for at least two. Use
your notes and book. You do not need to submit them this is for your study use.If you have questions contact me.
1. Name and list three main divisions of the geologic time scale in the correct order from oldest to most recent. Give one fact for each of the time divisions.
2. Explain how scientists find the relative age of rocks and the fossils in them. What do they use and how?
3. What is a mass extinction? When were the two times they occurred in the geologic time scale? What were the effects of each?
4. What is radioactive dating and how is it used?
5. Describe how the Grand Canyon formed.

You may go back to the link for the crossword puzzle if you wish to use in for practice to review for the test.

March 25
Paleontologist Sarah Sheffield was interviewed on skype a scientist; watch her interview at the link below. Answer the following questions about her interview. 1. Describe two of the fossils
she shows. 2. What is the name of the type of organisms she is interested in the most? 3 and 4 Give the answer to two other questions she answers that were submitted by viewers. Please type
this in to my submit. If you can not do that, do not email a photo. Type you answers in a document or email. Check out skype a scientist to see the schedule for future events.

Video: Paleontologist Interview
Skype A Scientist Live Events

March 24 - Update 2
There are still a few people that have not done the Geologic Time kahoot. If you did the kahoot but used a fake name you need to message me and tell me what name you used or re take the
kahoot. See the pin number in yesterday's update post.

March 24 -Update
Test Monday and Tuesday, March 30 and 31, on Chapter 8: Geologic Time. Monday will be the open notes portion and Tuesday the closed book and closed notes portion.

March 24
Chapter 8 Review and Assessment on pages 283 through 284, 1 through 22, skip numbers 6 and 19.
Type your answers into homework submit. If you submit a pdf or photograph be sure your name is on the paper before photographing or scanning and that the photo is clear.

March 23 Update 2
If you did not do the kahoot on Friday go to and enter the pin number 0632256 and you can still get credit for the assignment.
Also, if you watched or want to watch any of the animal videos from the Cincinnati Zoo submit a paragraph about the animal for extra credit. They are at the link given on March 20th or they
are live every day at three on Facebook.

March 23 - update
Submit four sentence about the football field video to my homework submit.

March 23
Take notes while watching the link below. Also, watch the video of Earth's Entire history on a Football Field.
Geologic Time Review Video
Earth's History (Visualized On A Football Field)

March 20 - Update 3
If you have trouble with the kahoot link go to and used the pin number 03612
Also, you may retry if your score was low.

March 20 - Update 2
The Cincinnati Zoo is do a Home Safari with a different animal each day. It is live at 3:00 but, you can watch the recordings at the link below. They are entertaining and very educational. So
far they have done the following animals: sloth, ocelot, porcupine and hippo. Please check it out.
Link to the site

March 20 - Update
For the kahoot use your real name. If you use a fake name you will receive a zero for the assignment.

March 20
Today's assignment is to play a kahoot, Geologic Time.
When it asks for a nickname enter your real first and last name so I can see that you have completed the assignment.
Click here to start.
You have until 11pm tonight to complete this challenge. Good Luck.
If you couldn't submit yesterday's crossword it may be because it wasn't complete. You can only submit if the puzzle is complete. Check that everything
is completely filled in before you try to submit. You can print a copy of your filled in puzzle as a backup.

March 19
Click on this link to go to the crossword puzzle on Geologic Time.
Complete the puzzle online (no need to print unless you want to use it to study from).
Once ALL the squares have been filled in, the puzzle will direct you how to submit the puzzle.
You do not need an account on the crossword puzzle site to solve and submit it.

Also, please submit one sentence about each of the four illustrations in yesterday's class video: Era's of Earth's History. If you need to view it
click on the link: class video under yesterday's date, March 18.

March 18
Please watch today's class video and write the information in your notes.
After watching the video, please complete the worksheets below.
Eras of Earth's History Review and Reinforce; Lesson Quiz p281E and p281G
This assignment is due by noon March 19th.
Submit the answers for this assignment using the link on the upper right corner of this page called Submit Homework.
Be sure to include the title of the assignment.

March 17
Read Eras of Earth's History, pages 270 through 281. Check back later for notes and an assignment.

March 16, update
Zoom will not begin until further notice, check back for updates.

March 16
The school will be open tomorrow from 9 until noon. I will available if students and parents want to stop in the Science Room to pick up
assignments or drop off completed work. Copies of assignments that were missed are also available. If you already came to pick up your child's
please be sure you have their Science textbook.

March 12
Complete Early Earth: Review and Reinforcement, due Monday
Also, continue with test corrections, due Monday, March 16.

March 10
Read pages 266 through 269 and complete Early Earth

March 9
Classwork: read pages 262 through 265 and complete The Geologic Time Scale.
Homework: Study for tomorrow's test on Chapter 7: Erosion and Deposition

March 4
Answer 3 of the Chapter 7 test questions. Any more than 3 are extra credit. Due tomorrow March 5.

March 3
Chapter 7 Review and Assessment, skip 10, 17 and 6 on page 239. Due tomorrow March 4.

Feb. 25
Write a paragraph of at least 6 sentences on How Caves Form/Karst Topography from the videos. You can write about one or the other video or
information from both. Due tomorrow Feb. 26

Video 1: How do caves form.
Video 2: Formations of Karst Landscapes

Erosion and Deposition Word Search. Also write at least 5 sentences in your own words using at least 10 of the words. Due tomorrow Feb. 25

Erosion and deposition: Chapter 7 Study Guide due tomorrow Feb. 14

Crossword puzzle Erosion and Deposition; Chapter 7, due tomorrow Feb. 13

Jan. 17
Study for test on Volcanoes which on Tuesday Jan. 21

Jan 8
Read pages 180 through 187 to complete Rocks and Weathering fill in. Also, Do the Math; Which Weathers Faster, due tomorrow Jan. 9

Jan. 7
Complete Volcanoes fill in chapter review. Also, finish Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics: Enrich. Both due tomorrow Jan. 8

Jan. 6
Complete activity finding the epicenter of the Alaskan earthquake. Write a paragraph describing the steps in the process used to locate an
earthquake's epicenter

Volcanoes word search and sentences - write at least 5 sentences in your own words using at least 10 of the words. Due Dec. 18

Dec. 16
Complete 3 Practice essay questions about volcanoes, due Dec.17

Dec. 10
Read pages 164 through 169 and complete Volcanic Landforms

Dec. 9
Read pages 156 through 163 and complete Volcanic Eruptions

Dec. 5
Study for tomorrow's test on Chapter 4: Earthquakes

Dec. 4
Study for Friday's test on Chapter 4:Earthquakes. Also, Finish Volcanic Eruptions if you didn't finish in class

Dec. 3
Practice test questions. Also, Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics.

Dec. 2
Chapter 4 Review and Assessment. Skip 6, 17, 18 and constructed response 6, due tomorrow Dec. 3

Nov **
At parent/teacher conferences I spoke to several parents that wanted to be added to the remind system so they can be notified of up coming
tests. If you wish to be added to the remind system, please email me
with your name, the students name, grade level and a parent cell phone number that can receive text
Note: This must be a parent cell number. This system is not permitted to send text message to children.

Nov. 25
Finish crossword puzzle: Earthquakes, Chapter 4, Due tomorrow Nov. 26

Nov. 20
Finish Monitoring Earthquakes, due Monday Nov. 25

Nov. 19
Study for tomorrow's test on Chapter 3, Plate Tectonics

Nov. 18
Finish practice test questions. Study for Wednesdays test on Plate Tectonics.

Nov. 13
Write a paragraph of at least 6 sentences of information from the videos on Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics, due tomorrow Thursday Nov.

Nov. 12
Finish the Review and Assessment for Chapter 3, Skip 5, 18 and 6 on page 113, Due Wed. Nov. 13. Then, read pages 120 to 127 and do the Assess
You Understanding

Nov. 8
Finish crossword puzzle, Plate Tectonics due Tuesday Nov. 12

Nov. 7
Complete Birth of the Himalayas and The Curious Case of Mesosaurus, both due tomorrow Nov. 8

Nov. 6
Read pages 104 to 109 and complete The Theory of Plate Tectonics

Nov. 4
Read pages 98 to 103 and complete Sea Floor Spreading

Oct. 29
Study for tomorrow's test on Minerals and Rocks

Oct. 28
Answer questions from Chapter Two study guide for extra credit. Study for Wednesday's test

Oct. 23
Period 4 class - complete Chapter Twp Review and Assessment, due tomorrow Oct. 24. Period 5 class complete Minerals and Rocks Crossword puzzle
tomorrow Oct. 24

Oct. 16
Period 5 - study for test on mapping Earth's Surface. Chapter One lessons 4,5 and 6

Oct. 8
Latitude, Longitude and Hemispheres due Wed. Oct. 9 Also, makeup crossword puzzle: Mapping Earth's Surface due tomorrow Oct. 9,

Oct. 2
Finish crossword puzzle: Mapping Earth's Surface, due tomorrow Oct. 3

Sept. 30
Use pages 36 to 39 to complete the worksheet Topographic Maps: Review, Reinforce and Lesson Quiz and Topographic Map Enrich

Sept. 27
Read pages 36 through 39 and do Assess Your Understanding on page 39

Read pages 28 through 35 and complete the worksheet Models of Earth due tomorrow Sept. 26
Test corrections are due Friday Sept. 28

Sept. 20
Finish About Earth's Layers and About Density. Study for Monday's test on the first three sections of Chapter One - The Earth System, Earth'
Interior, and Convection and the Mantle also be
able to calculate density

Sept. 18
Read pages 22 to 27 and complete Exploring Earth's Surface. Also, study for Friday's test on the first three sections of Chapter One.

Sept. 17
Finish Convection and the Mantle due tomorrow, Sept. 18

Sept. 16
Finish crossword puzzle using notes and book Chapter One sections one through three. Due tomorrow Sept. 17

Sept. 10
Complete Earth's Interior. Also, for illustration of students working in lab give six unsafe lab behaviors and six safe lab behaviors, due
Wednesday Sept. 11

Sept. 9
For four lab expectations explain why they are important. Read pages 10 trough 17 and answer the questions on those pages. Put the answers in
your book.
Due Tuesday Sept. 10

Sept. 6
Read pages 4 through 9 and answer the questions on those pages. Put the answers in your book. Due Monday Sept. 9

Complete You are Here, My Science Bio (lab coat) and Course Expectations/Contact Information Sheet
All three due by Friday Sept. 6

Also:Review page 1 and complete page 2 of the course Intro CLICK HERE